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Welcome to Carpe Diem Gardens


'Without a healthy environment, there can be no sustainable development path for the human species.'

World Health Organisation's
Millennium Ecosystems and Human Well-Being Report 

Carpe Diem Gardens provides sustainable garden and landscape design, and a flexible programme of coaching, training and consultation.

I believe that the whole web of life is precious. My designs create and enhance gardens to grow food and attract wildlife.

My goal is to empower and inspire my clients to develop their gardens into the future. I work with a wide range of people, all enthusiastic about building a sustainable lifestyle and enhancing biodiversity in their outdoor space.

I design gardens that are stylish and beautiful, and complement the nearby architecture. My garden designs also include fruit trees, shrubs and perennial edible plants. You can grow food easily in your own garden, contributing towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

I am a trained permaculture and forest garden designer; these principles are at the heart of all I do. Together we can create a stylish garden designed for outdoor living, food, herbs and wildlife.

I provide coaching and mentoring sessions and a range of interactive workshops to support you to create your ideal garden.


Contact me now to discuss your ideas. 

                                                                               garden design north west, animal and plant pictures

garden design north west, animal and plant pictures