Our mission is to design and build stylish sustainable gardens

Our Philosophy


Sustainability means designing so that we do not use more resources than our fair share; and ensuring that what we use today does not destroy the environment for people and other living things elsewhere, now or in the future.

Our garden designs are all based on the Permaculture philosophy of design, captured in its triple aims:

‘Without a healthy environment, there can be no sustainable development path for the human species.’

World Health Organisation’s
Millennium Ecosystems and Human Well-Being Report

Earth Care means we aim to:

Design for biodiversity by working within our client’s preferred style (modern, cottage, formal, informal, high or low maintenance) we design habitats and small ecosystems to attract birds, provide nectar for bees and butterflies, and homes for wildlife.

Garden organically by designing with Permaculture design methods, and Soil Association (organic) and Biodynamic horticulture principles. We approach gardens holistically, aiming towards ecological balance without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides.

Face the twin challenges of climate change and resource depletion by choosing energy-efficient methods, low-carbon materials and designing planting plans that will adjust to the changing climate. We continually seek up-to-date knowledge and solutions to the issues and problems facing the environment.

Grow food by including fruit trees, edible hedging, shrubs, and ground cover. We believe it is easy and rewarding to grow food. We would like to help our clients enjoy fresh produce from their own gardens, and help to reduce food miles.

Nurture the soil by adding compost and other soil elements, such as RootgrowTM mycorrhzal fungi to encourage living soil organisms, the basis of healthy plants and a thriving garden.

Reduce hard landscaping by the use of mulch and permanent ground cover plants for low maintenance. Where hard landscaping is required–for paths, driveways and patios–we use permeable surfaces to enable rainwater to soak away naturally. We re-use materials where possible, and specify local, recycled and sustainable products. We use timber with the Forest Stewardship council (FSC) label.

People Care means that we aim to:

Create beauty by designing with colour, scent, texture and form to create a rich sensory experience in accordance with the client’s tastes and requirements.

Promote healing by including herbs and aromatherapy plants, nurturing the senses, and creating life-filled gardens that provide peace and sanctuary in our challenging world. We design healing gardens to reflect our client’s cultural, aesthetic and spiritual values.

Provide access by being mindful of the needs of children, elders and people with disabilities and/or sensory impairments in all our designs.

Fair Shares means that we:

Serve our local community by our active membership in local groups and service on committees. We pledge to donate 5% of our profits to environmental and human rights charities.

Join others in creating transition culture by our participation in Lancaster’s Transition Town initiative. This network of local groups aims to create ways to plan for, and live the low-carbon life-styles that are necessary to meet the global challenge of climate change.

Conduct our business ethically by purchasing our goods and services from companies with strong social, environmental and fair trade policies. We do our banking with the Cooperative Bank, Britain’s pioneering ethical financial institution. We aim to ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, and to buy environmentally-friendly supplies and products

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