Our mission is to design and build stylish sustainable gardens

Designs for Organisations and Business

We also offer a variety of additional services, detailed below:

  • Garden and landscape design
  • Construction and project management
  • Landscape audit surveys and recommendations
  • Specification for, and monitoring of, landscape contractors
  • Consultation with stakeholders

Staff training delivered to:

  • Landscape and soft facilities managers in supporting biodiversity
  • Bespoke training in sensory/wildlife/Permaculture garden design
  • Bespoke training in horticultural therapy

Referrals to associated companies for:

  • On-site micro-generation (solar PV, solar heating, wind turbines, biomass)
  • Energy audits and carbon emissions reduction strategies
  • Sustainable water management
  • Composting and sustainable waste management
  • Environmental Performance Indicators monitoring software

We provide added value

  • Maximisation of staff awareness through training
  • Low maintenance planting schemes
  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Reduction of carbon emissions through planting trees
  • Accessibility for people with disabilities and sensory impairments
  • Health and Safety risk assessments on all construction projects
  • Professional indemnity insurance and fully-insured sub-contractors
  • Capital investment in improving landscape pays environmental, social & financial dividends (Triple Bottom Line)
  • Assistance in writing funding bids for capital costs of landscape & garden projects
  • Experience of complex decision making and organisational structures amongst statutory, voluntary & private sector organisations

Half-day Consultation and Concept Design

This service is for organisations and businesses which occupy small properties where the site is no bigger than twice the footprint of the building. Based upon an in-depth questionnaire provided before the meeting, the consultation includes:

  • Full discussion
  • Tour of the site
  • Large format coloured concept design created with the client’s participation
  • Advice on planting, hard landscaping, and other requirements arising from the questionnaire
  • A report comprising a list of plants and resources, as well as suggested reading compiled from the discussion, is sent after the visit.

Full-day Consultation and Concept Design

For organisations and businesses where the site is bigger than twice the footprint of the building, we offer a full-day advice session with the same features as the half-day consultation.

Flexible Advisory Consultations

  • On an hourly basis, the service can cover a range of topics. The subject is agreed in advance to enable preparation and research if required
  • Garden/landscape design advice
  • Horticultural therapy advice
  • Consultation facilitation with members, service users, staff or other stakeholders
  • Presentation to Board members, managers, grant-making bodies, and other stakeholders

Complete Design Service

We begin with a specialised in-depth questionnaire to reflect the different requirements of the client, whether a company, voluntary sector organisation, school, faith group, hospital or residential care provider.

The response to the questionnaire forms the basis for discussion, from which the design brief is agreed. Following agreement of the brief in writing, our design service includes the following stages:

  • Measuring the site
  • Draft plan to scale
  • Final coloured garden design to scale, incorporating any changes that arise from the draft plan
  • Preparation of detailed planting plans
  • Hard-landscaping and construction specification
  • Project management of construction by sub-contractors or volunteers
  • Maintenance plan for the garden

Design for Business Premises

Attractive landscaping gives a good impression to customers and can increase sales. We help businesses further enhance their outside space for biodiversity, thus reducing their carbon footprint and adding positive environmental action to their public profile. We use an in-depth questionnaire for businesses to understand the client’s requirements and to enhance consultation amongst relevant parties.

We create designs for:

  • Outdoor space for staff to relax during breaks, nourish creativity and reduce stress
  • Low-maintenance wildlife-friendly planting for corporate buildings, car parks and business centres
  • Courtyards and atriums for visual inspiration and stress management

Design for Schools

Schools have many reasons for wanting to create a garden or enhance the grounds and existing landscaping. We design and advise on:

  • Play gardens
  • Sensory gardens
  • Wildlife and woodland gardens
  • Food planting and Permaculture planting for sustainability and earning Eco-schools awards
  • Planting designs to coordinate with the National Curriculum

If appropriate, we can carry out consultation with staff, pupils, parents and governors. We also offer a project management and construction service.

Design for Faith Groups

The beauty and vitality of nature can be enhanced, through garden design and caring stewardship, to create sacred space for reflection, contemplation and prayer. We offer a culturally-sensitive design service to help faith groups develop their outdoor area into a place of spiritual nourishment. We have developed a specialised questionnaire for consultation with clergy, elders, community members and trustees.

We create designs for:

  • Celebration gardens for weddings, naming ceremonies and funerals
  • Prayer or meditation gardens
  • Areas for open-air worship
  • Healing/therapeutic gardens to provide a place of emotional and spiritual sanctuary
  • Memorial gardens and places of remembrance
  • Wildlife planting and new habitats to attract birds and butterflies and enhance biodiversity

Design for Hospitals and Care Homes

Many studies have shown that gardens and horticultural activities can be therapeutic. We have a track record of designing healing gardens for hospitals and care homes, informed by nearly 30 years’ life experience of people with complex medical needs, disabilities, sensory impairment and mental health problems. We design gardens for:

  • Sensory stimulation
  • Peaceful retreat and healing
  • Horticultural therapy activities
  • Access for people with mobility or sensory impairment
  • Colour therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Conservatory indoor gardening
  • Hospice palliative care

How to Arrange a Project with Carpe Diem Gardens

To arrange a project together, please get in touch and we can talk through your requirements.

Please contact me to arrange a time to speak together.