Our mission is to design and build stylish sustainable gardens

Coaching & Mentoring

My coaching and mentoring sessions provide an opportunity to learn horticultural skills in your own garden, focused on your interests, needs and vision. 

I aim to support you through a series of horticulture and design sessions, empowering you to achieve your personal goals for your garden.

In contrast to my regular workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions are tailored to the specific needs of you and your site. After completing an initial design consultation, we will then agree together a series of sessions (the number will depend on you and your needs) to teach you the skills to design, improve and manage your garden or site. 

A full range of horticultural teaching topics are available, such as pruning, propagating, planting design, habitat creation, harvesting and food preservation as well as other sustainable methods such as water management, waste and composting. 

What are the sessions like?

My coaching and mentoring sessions are:

  • Informative – sessions are packed full of useful content and expert knowledge.
  • Empowering – my aim is to equip you with the specific skills and resources you need to achieve your goals for your site.
  • Interactive – the sessions are designed to be two-way, with plenty of opportunity for both of us to contribute ideas as we move forward.
  • Practical – during the sessions you will be able to practice new skills to build your confidence as you achieve your goals.
  • Flexible – sessions are uniquely tailored to cover the skills you wish to learn or improve. Sessions are also arranged at a time to suit you.

How to Arrange Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

If you are interested in arranging personalised coaching and mentoring I would love to hear from you.

Please contact me to arrange some sessions to suit your needs.