Our mission is to design and build stylish sustainable gardens

Garden Design

I offer a variety of services from consultation and advice through to full design and construction. 

Together we create the vision for your garden or land: vibrant, colourful and full of life all year round. Plants and nature are a key feature, as is growing food and sustainable use of resources. 

I can teach you permaculture design, and train you in horticulture to help you get the most out of your own garden (for more information about my training and coaching services please click here).

My collaboration with landscapers will turn your vision into reality and ensure that the work gets done with the correct knowledge and specifications. 

“Thank you so much for your garden design. We are both delighted, we didn’t realise there was so much potential in such a little space. The choice of planting too is exactly what I was after, very calming and tranquil.”

Carol Bean
Flow Therapies, Lancaster 

Consultation Service

My consultation service is the first step to creating the vision together for your land.

It includes:

  • A preliminary discussion prior to our meeting
  • An in-depth questionnaire and full discussion of your needs
  • A tour of the site
  • A coloured concept design
  • Expert advice on planting, hard landscaping and structures
  • A full hardcopy report (consisting of the concept design, notes and discussion from the consultation plus a list of suggested additional resources)

Next Steps

In my experience, following a consultation some clients appreciate additional help in creating a strategy and a work programme to turn the ideas into reality.

This takes the form of either: 

The Complete Garden Design Service

Following the initial design consultation, the complete design service we offer includes the following stages:

  • Measuring the garden
  • Draft plan to scale, reflecting the client’s requirements
  • Final coloured garden design to scale, incorporating any changes that may be needed
  • Planting plans
  • Hard-landscaping and construction specification
  • Project management of construction by sub-contractors
  • Maintenance plan for looking after the garden

Themed Planting Plans

Every garden is different, therefore I can develop planting plans to reflect the following themes:

  • Edible Ornamental Gardens (low maintenance but provide food)
  • Children’s Adventure and Play Gardens
  • Bird and Butterfly Gardens
  • Culinary Herb Gardens
  • Aromatherapy Gardens
  • Medicinal Herb Gardens
  • Gardens for Peaceful Reflection
  • Sensory Gardens (for those with additional needs)

How to Arrange a Garden Design Consultation

To arrange a professional consultation together, please get in touch to discuss your project.

Please contact me to arrange your garden design consultation together.